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Where the Schoolyard Ends

I wear a few hats when I look at "the high school experience": a parent of a teen, a 20-year veteran high school teacher, a new-ish high school assistant principal, a certified professional life coach specializing in teenagers, a community member.

The schoolyard cannot be contained to the campus property. Period. Our teens are not contained to our campus alone. Our community can love our teens and have high expectations of them. At the same time. My intention is to bring ideas to the forefront of the conversation.

My schoolyard includes all the teens, all the learners, and all those that love them.

I have chosen five stakeholder groups to focus on: parents, students, teachers, school leaders, the greater community. Two times a week, I will post to a particular audience. Do not put yourself in a box - parents are teachers, teachers are leaders, leaders are community members, community members are parents. And my assumption is that we want the best for our students. I will ride that assumption forever.

My belief system is simple:

  • All students will be successful.

  • All people are learners.

  • A school system can support both.

Join me, ask questions, help me be a better school leader. I am publishing my ideas to continue to learn. I write to process ideas; I want to do that with you.

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