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Discover your path

Guiding teens to find their voice and path through life with life coach and mentor.

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."

-Mary Oliver


As a coach, my responsibility is to create a safe space for you to explore, discover, dream, and take action toward your most outstanding life. As your partner, I dream big with you. As your guide, I develop the process that will work for you and your goals. 

I have taught high school students for almost twenty years. I see, feel, and hear about the struggles of adolescence. I understand teenagers/young adults. I will support you in finding connections with your teen/young adult in your classroom or in your home. I work directly with parents, teachers, and teens/young adults.

I have a Masters in Educational Leadership, a Masters in Teaching and Learning, and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Curriculum and Instruction. I am a certified Professional Life Coach, a Reiki Level One practitioner and a Mindfulness Life Coach. Certified through Danielle LaPorte, I am a facilitator of Desire Mapping, Heart Centered, and Fire Starter programs. 


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